"Innovation of the Year" Award

March 11, 2022

The project "MADE IN-ENGINE" was nominated for the "Innovation of the Year" award at Humber College, specifically because it was a curriculum innovation that harnessed a new pipeline in Virtual Production to afford students in two different programs to collaborate on a highly technical and creative pipeline. The faculty team, Dr. Eva Ziemsen, Matthew Mazza and Dr. Umer Noor are humbled and grateful for the nomination.

Faculty Speak about Collaboration on The Staff Lounge Podcast

May 18, 2022

In this episode Professor Shirantha Beddage chats with FMCA Professors Eva Ziemsen, Umer Noor and Matthew Mazza about their award winning collaboration that brings together Film and Multiplatform Storytelling students with Game Programming students. Professors Ziemsen, Noor and Mazza discuss how the interdisciplinary collaboration evolved into a successful and exciting learning experience for faculty and learners.

This innovative project introduced creative film students to game programmers, and challenged them to collaborate on a virtual production. A true first for all involved. We hear how the project took the professors' teaching practice to another level, and what faculty members learned from each other along the way. This collaboration is a powerful example of what makes Humber an innovative leader in Higher Education.